It’s all in the documentation

You can count on Astra Tech for solid documentation and reliable clinical results. In fact, our dental products are exceptionally well documented. At Astra Tech, documentation is an integrated and essential part of the quality assurance process. 

A comprehensive study program that began in 1986 now includes more than 600 published, scientific references supporting our products. 

The dental products have been documented for a range of clinical indications, surgical applications and prosthetic solutions. The data present exceptional results for efficacy and reliability including:

  • High implant success and survival rates  
  • Maintained marginal bone level i.e. no or limited marginal bone resorption
  • Healthy peri-implant soft tissues
  • The same optimal clinical outcome with one-stage and two-stage surgical protocols
  • Predictable results for early loading and immediate loading protocols

Ongoing clinical research and development are directed towards more demanding and advanced situations, as well as towards alternative protocols for increased patient comfort during treatment. These efforts are supported by the important information we get from pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo studies.

The results from our research and documentation are published in scientific journals and summarized in our Scientific Reviews and Documentation Summaries.

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